What this blog is about

All One Hive is dedicated to exploring my personal growth as a beekeeper. For a few years I was what you might call an "arm-chair beekeeper", meaning, that most of my experience with beekeeping came from reading and learning about the hobby online. I occasionally helped out with some fellow beekeepers and their hives, and I took a workshop or two, or attended lectures.

In the late Spring 2011 I made the transition from wishing I was a beekeeper to actually becoming one. With the help of my seven-year old son I installed two packages of bees on Easter weekend, and have been growing with them since.

I believe very strongly in being as unobtrusive with the bees as possible. Some folks call this sustainable, holistic, natural, or organic beekeeping. To me these terms all have very different meanings and implications. I am a student of biodynamic beekeeping, and so that is the example of beekeeping practices I am following.

All One Hive will hopefully have something for everyone to learn from, although I caution any reader from assuming that I have any expertise in the field. I do not. But, I hope that I can pass on what I have learned or what I am learning about, and that this communication will be helpful.

Thanks for visiting.