Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A good, but mixed, inspection.

Note the bee to right with the dark grey pollen on her legs. Where did she get that from, I wonder!
Despite discovering that my two hives had Small Hive Beetle (SHB), my most recent inspection went well. The bees are storing nectar and pollen in good quantities, and I even saw some capped honey already. 
As for brood development, both hives had many eggs - some even in the fresh comb built from the starter strips - larva was observed and some capped brood. I did not pull the middle most frames because when I noticed the SHB I did not want to disturb the heart of the colony too much. However, given the presence of SHB I will need to look at those frames soon.
It was wonderful to see the beautiful natural comb built by the bees! Comb that is most recently made is almost pure white; it is lovely to see.  

Fresh, pure white comb.


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