Monday, May 23, 2011

Towards the End of May

So I have to be honest; I'm feeling a little moody. Having to deal with Small Hive Beetle has been a bummer, and I'm worried about the bees. I have confidence that the stronger hive will manage fine, but I have concerns about the smaller colony. Their beetle numbers are higher, and even though I have installed a screened bottom board which is helping, I'm still worried. I have some oil traps on the way that will fit between the frames, and I hope those will also help. I have also been reading and hearing about not opening the hives too much, because this counteracts the work the bees have done chasing the beetles into corners and keeping them there. When you pull the frames the beetles make a run for it and some get away, who in turn then reproduce.
I have also taken a little gamble and stopped feeding. Both colonies now have their second hive body in place, and although some would say it is premature to stop feeding, I think they will be okay. They've been bringing in nectar fine. The queen might also need some time to play catch up with egg laying; if all the cell space is being occupied by nectar, she won't have room for eggs. The bees need to keep building comb. We'll see how it goes.
In other news I will be attending a showing of the wonderful film Queen of the Sun which explores issues of Colony Colapse Disorder. I have seen it once already, and I highly recommend it.

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